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The environment for the delivery of prescription drug services and the management of medication use is changing. EQuIPP is an innovative performance information management platform that was designed to help pharmacists thrive in a value-based, quality-focused environment.

Pharmacists have long been a care provider with the expertise and accessibility necessary to influence positive changes in patients' medication use. The traditional fee-for-service financial arrangements that drive most, if not all, payment for pharmacy services does not foster an environment where pharmacists can be optimally engaged in large-scale continuous quality improvement efforts outside of those that directly impact the accurate and timely dispensing of medications.

The healthcare system is trending towards a proliferation of value-based purchasing arrangements in which payment for services is tied not just to a set fee per service, but also to an incentive for providers who can demonstrate improvements in patient care. One of the strongest drivers for this change is the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' Star Ratings for Parts C/D and "quality bonus payments" for Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare plans have millions of dollars at stake relative to their star ratings.

EQuIPP is a performance information management platform that allows pharmacies and pharmacists to better understand the impact they have on patient care by providing user-friendly dashboards of benchmarked performance information, based on accepted standards of quality care. Further, the EQuIPP platform allows pharmacists, whether in a large chain community pharmacy organization or an independent community pharmacy, to connect to resources that help them improve.

EQuIPP provides the environment that marries systematic, population-based quality improvement efforts with the local nature of care delivery, and fosters the plan-provider relationships necessary to drive continued improvements. EQuIPP provides you, as a pharmacist, the information you need to assess the quality of care provided to your own patients AND understand how your care impacts the greater health system in which you operate.

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